Animesh Raval

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.



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Category Archives: General News

New Dates Added

Posted on March 22nd

I’ve added some more dates now. At the moment while I get my band together and sort out showcases, I’m going to be trying to perform as often as I can at open mic nights.…

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Live Dates Update

Posted on March 12th

Hopefully you all got the message about last night’s gig being cancelled. Unfortunately I have developed a chest infection making singing pretty much impossible at the moment.…

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Practice Makes Perfect

Posted on February 23rd

My mum used to have to get my sister to sit with me and make sure I practiced the piano when we were kids…so I was never that great at being disciplined in refining my art. Fortunately when a love of music finally kicked in, that didn’t become so much of a problem, but then I was young, carefree and had all the time in the world. How things have changed……

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Launching The Official Website

Posted on February 17th

I’m so excited that my official website is finally live. I have to give special thanks to the great team at Pixel-Air for all their hard work. In particular top web designer-guru type person Andrew, who also managed to survive my constant stream of requests for changes. I must say though, it’s looking great and I’m so pleased to finally have “virtual” home – if you can call it such a thing?

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