Animesh Raval

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.



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Practice Makes Perfect

Posted on February 23rd

My mum used to have to get my sister to sit with me and make sure I practiced the piano when we were kids…so I was never that great at being disciplined in refining my art. Fortunately when a love of music finally kicked in, that didn’t become so much of a problem, but then I was young, carefree and had all the time in the world. How things have changed…

From spending quite a bit of time in the studio over the past few months to now looking forward to gigs and showcases, it’s time to hit the practice room like never before. I don’t know about other performers, but I love performing and wish I could cut out the practicing part…but in the words of my piano teacher, “Perfect practice makes perfect, not just practice!” So now I face a new discipline of not just practicing but practicing perfectly rather than rushing through it just so I can settle down and watch that nice new series on Dave, Suits.